Born in 1963 at Palmanova (Udine, Italy)
Academic degree in Arts and Philosophy, Conservation of the Cultural Heritage (Major: Contemporary Art History)
Studies with the artist Sergio Favotto drawing, pictorial techniques
Studies with the sculptor Giorgio Eros Morandini: moulding, terracotta, stone sculpture.
Author of the search “ Utilization and tradition of the stone in Friuli Venezia Giulia” 2004
Founder of the Group “LIBERARTI” : free assembly of artists with the object to promote the contemporary art and with it the social renewal.

1998 exhibition of sculpture at the G.B. Bison Gallery, Palmanova
1999 One-man exhibition at the “Artistica” bookshop, Udine
2003 Exhibition at the “Caucigh art gallery ” , Udine.
2005 International sculpture symposium of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
2006 International sculpture symposium of Verzegnis, Udine
2007-2008 Collective migrant exhibitions of sculptures “Stones of Europe”, Trieste, Gorizia, Cividale.
2008 Exhibition Galleria Vastagamma, Pordenone
2008 “Aspettando la Biennale” collective international exhibition, Udine
2009 Exhibition in “Galleria Otlet” Aiello.
2009 Exhibition “ESSERE-TEMPO” Polveriera Napoleonica Palmanova.
2009 Galleria Artesegno, Udine
2009 International sculture symposium Ossana, Trento.
2009-2010 Exhibition in “ Centro culturale Vecchia quercia “ Cormons
2010 Exhibition “sein ist werden / being is becoming” Gallery Steiner, Vienna
2010 winner of the competition for the realization of a sculpture for the commune of S. Maria la Longa
2011 Exhibition “The Form of Time” Civic Gallery, Cormons
2011 11th International Symposium on Nimis Wood Sculpture
2012 Personal Exhibition, Security Guard, Porcia, Pordenone.
2013 Realization of the “Fountain of Sharing” Cathedral of Palmanova.
2014 “Aeson art in nature” works by land art
2014 International Symposium in Tuenno Sculpture.
2015 Realization of a monumental sculpture for the villa Muroner of Tissano.
2016 Exhibition “The mysticism of matter” Tissano
2017 Exhibition “Nodi&Corpi” Galleria la Loggia Udine.
2017 Arte Padova 2017.

2017 ” The house to be” Zellik, Bruxelles, Exhibition.

2018 “FACES” collettiva Busto Garolfo, Milano
2018 PARATISSIMA, Torino
2019 “ABSTRACT” Collettiva, Busto Garolfo, Milano
2019 “EXHIBITION” personal, Cividale del Friuli, Ud
2019 “TRAME” collettiva, SPAZIO SV, Venezia