The definition of sculture meant as human activity, and described in brief as the will to express onself through the transformation of matter and space, is the one I subscribe to.

Considering its synthetic character, even the most recent forms of art can be considered as sculpture, though hybridized with other arts carrying completely original features compared to what was traditionally considered as sculpture, either because of their dimensions, or for their limited duration in time and more.

The technics and the materials I use in my sculptures are instead derived from the forms of expression which developed in the past in the territory where I live, Friuli.

My attempt is to find a way of harmonizing the techniques which are ancient and local with themes which are contemporary and universal at the same time.

Sculpture, as a form of art, is an inner process carrier of changes and hopes, since it is a messenger of thoughts that have the power to change the spirit and therefore also reality.

Giovanni Defant